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last LJ entry [May. 22nd, 2004|08:20 am]
[mood |blahblah]

well as most of you have noticed i haven't made any LJ entries and haven't made many comments on ppls journals. i've just been to busy lately with work and stuff to make posts. also i just don't feel the need to post in LJ anymore. I mainly used it during school for venting purposes and to procrastinate from doing school work. anyways this will be my last post ever, i'm done with LJ. if any of you on my friends list still want to chat, just email me at dummybryan@hotmail.com, and i'll either add you to my MSN or AOL messenger lists...it was realy nice talking with all of you and i just want to say you are all really nice and cool ppl. well this is it. goodbye, have a great summer and takecare. <3